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Graphics Managerimage sample 01  

The Select an Image screen displays the literally 100's of images that are included with BingoMeister.

Of course, you can add as many more of your own photos and pics as you would like. And, each graphic can be re-sized to fit whatever your bingo board requires.

Images provided include:

    • Fraternal Organization Logos   

    • US Military Symbols    

    • Holiday and Seasonal images  

    • Sports images (preceded with an "S")  

    • Food graphics (preceded with an "F")  

    • Animal Graphics (preceded with an "A")  

    • And many more . . .

Main Menutoolbar of main menu



The Main Menu Toolbar - Simple!

 • Selection - Choose 1-on, 2-on, 3-on or     Custom (Any-on)

 • Utilities - Housekeeping functions:     Graphics Manager, Bingo Set  Manager,     Backup, Restore, Printer Setup. more...

 • Bingo Caller - Start calling and recording     your bingo game!

 • Help - "Built-in" User Manual

 • Online - Update software, order supplies

 • About - Identify your BingoMeister Version

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Print Bingo Sheetsprint bingo sheets  

BingoMeister Printing features:

 • Print as many as 1,296 different bingo cards     per bingo set (that is, per game) without any     duplicates.

 • Print serial numbers (if required)

 • Print random numbers (often used as     door prizes or "extra wins")

Specify the number of bingo cards

 • Start a bingo game that was interrupted     from where you left off