BingoMeister, FREE EVALUATION (bms_eval.exe, Version 1.00.0002), 13.7mb, 6/6/2011)

Overview: The BingoMeister evaluation version is a fully functioning copy of the software and we invite you to take it for a test drive. Note, however, that the word "SAMPLE" will appear on printed outputl until you provide us with your registration number and your software is Activated.

ACTIVATING your software will register your copy of BingoMeister as well as remove the word "SAMPLE" from appearing on printed bingo cards. Click here for Activation details.



BingoMeister FREE UPDATE (bms_update.exe Version 1.00.0002), 13.7mb, 6/6/2011)

Overview: The PrintMeister Update will ONLY update already existing installed versions of TicketMeister PRO. If you install the Update without an existing version of TicketMeister PRO on your computer, it will function as an Evaluation copy instead (see above).

NOTE: Downloading and installing the update WILL NOT automatically overwrite existing data files representing work you have already done and saved; immediately before running the newly installed update, you will be asked whether or not you want to include your old records. THIS is where you tell BingoMeister to use your old data or not.

Download UPDATE Now

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